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    About USA Angel

    "" is an American established online shop for all over the world. We designed an E-commerce site or web store with several categories thousands of items on all over the e-commerce market. "" is Retail online store Business of Angel Biz, LLC. "Angel Biz, LLC" is a Manufacturer, Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Trader and Retailer. "USA ANGEL" is our Brand name. We collect the product form Different Category specialist Manufacturer and distribute them by "" all over the world. 
    Our aim is simple, we want to serve you by a product and help you to turn it into happiness. We achieve this by concentrating on the details. We believe that simplicity speaks volumes and function is always more important than form.
    We serve you in point of social responsibility as well as some people are working for them self with the Humanity. We are trying to do our best. “” is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. Our asset is our people. We value our customer, vendor & people. We believe the quality.      
    We want to serve the people by trading, distributing & retailing product by each category which people need. 
    Every people have equal rights to consume & distribute their daily needs & create as a creation of the creator for universe. We believe global business world. World is for people. Everyone has equal & same rights for each & every natural elements of the universe. So we like to create a Global distributor & consumer channel.